Is your mind spinning with ideas yet the hustle, push, and in-your-face way of doing business leaves you feeling depleted and overwhelmed?

Do you Desire to:

  • Feel grounded in your strengths and be able to work with clients without absorbing their energy so you can show up and make an impact without feeling drained
  • Speak your voice to others without feeling like you have to be the good girl and go along with their ideas so you can make a difference with your ideas rather than hide in fear
  • Balance your energy so it's not all up or all down; so your business can be sustainable and support you financially and energetically.
  • Calm down the overwhelm so you can actually move forward rather than spinning in your head all day while never actually doing anything
  • Show up on social media authentically and connect with like minded souls so you feel supported and connected on your mission

You've tried to hustle, push, and force things to happen.

You feel like a pinball bouncing back and forth trying to keep everyone happy.  Down deep you long to make a difference in a way that feels good to you.

There is a different way to show up and share yourself and work with others in a way that works for you.


Your sensitivity is key in running a sustainable and successful business and living a meaningful life.

You sensitivity is your biggest gift.  Through my 1:1 mentoring sessions,  I'll teach you how to show up sensitive and strong.

Hi! I'm Liz Lockwood, mentor for sensitive entrepreneurs.  I help women like you stay grounded and manage their energy so you can show up and make an impact with your work while feeling good in your body.

A few things about me:

  • I have my Master's in Mental Health Counseling, Certified Master Empowerment Coach, and a Certified Yoga Teacher
  • I've tried the hustle and it left me exhausted, feeling like a failure, and gravely ill
  • I've learned that my sensitivities are my greatest gifts
  • When I'm not helping others I love spending time hiking, cooking, practicing yoga, swimming, and vacationing in Vermont with my Husband

If you'd like to learn more about working with me, write me a note!